Can you help 11-year-old Evie with her donations for a Leamington night shelter?

An 11-year-old from Whitnash is appealing for donations to help a night shelter in Leamington.

Wednesday, 18th December 2019, 4:54 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th December 2019, 4:54 pm

Evie Hinton has been collecting donations for the LWS Night Shelter in Leamington, which provides a hot meal, a place to sleep and support for homeless and vulnerable people in the local community.

She was inspired to do something after she was asked to put a Christmas list together by her parents.

Evie's mum, said: “I asked Evie to write her Christmas list, she went into her room and came out a while later, at the top of her list she had written her first choice ' to go out and get a homeless person some food'.

Evie Hinton with some of the donations in the Hodcarrier pub in Whitnash. Photo supplied.

"I asked her why she chose that and she replied 'because not everyone is lucky enough to have a nice home and food and it would be nice if we could help other people less fortunate'.”

When asked about why she was doing the collection Evie said: “I just hate to see people suffering.”

Evie along with her mum and dad, Dean, have been collecting donations for the shelter and are hoping the community will join them.

Evie said "We are off to a good start, as it only began December 10 when I went shopping with my dad.

"I really hope people get involved and want to help the homeless.

"As a family, we like to help and my mum is going to be volunteering at the shelter.”

Evie is collecting items such as: tinned meals, instant noodles, microwavable rice, instant mashed potato, squash, tinned fish, cereal, tinned custard, UHT milk, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sugar tinned rice pudding , biscuits, chocolate and tinned fruit.

The Hodcarrier pub in Coppice Road in Whitnash will have a donation station until the New Year.

As well as helping the homeless this year Evie has also donated other items to community groups.

Dean said: "Evie also donates all her old toys and clothes via the community gifting group. Last year after Christmas she gifted her Xbox 360 to a less fortunate family as she no longer needed it. This year she is donating all her barbie things."