Aspiring events organiser gets apprenticeship at historic Warwick site

Tasha Burnett at the Lord Leycester Hospital. Photo by Gill Fletcher
Tasha Burnett at the Lord Leycester Hospital. Photo by Gill Fletcher

An aspiring events organiser has been awarded an apprenticeship at one of Warwick’s most historical sites.

Tasha Burnett, aged 16, was awarded the apprenticeship by the Warwick Apprenticing Charities for an opportunity at the Lord Leycester Hospital to learn about event management.

The Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick

The Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick

The Warwick Apprenticing Charities provides grants to students to provide them the opportunity to increase their life experiences and skills for future employment.

They were formed by the Five Warwick Apprenticing Charities during the 17th and 18th centuries, eventually coming together in 1930.

Nearly 100 young people receive grants from this charity every year.

Tasha is currently in sixth form at Aylesford School and Sixth Form College, studying English literature, business studies and sociology.

With help from the Warwick Apprenticing Charities, Tasha is able to further her education in event planning.

She said: “I’m extremely grateful and fortunate to be a recipient of the Warwick Apprenticing grant, as I’m able to broaden my knowledge of events, help me understand the process; and prepare me for future job opportunities.”

Every weekend through the summer, Tasha will helping the events team at the Lord Leycester Hospital in the planning, set-up, running the events as well as publicising the events on social media.

Tasha said: “I’ve always admired the hospital, being told about if from a young age from my grandad who marvelled over its history and architecture, as well as from my grandma who praised the tea rooms. It’s a surreal feeling being able to work here along side the Brethren.”

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