Abbey Fields car park changes limit free tickets

The Abbey Fields car park in Kenilworth has undergone several changes, including the limiting of one two-hour free ticket per vehicle per day.

Friday, 4th October 2019, 5:18 pm
Abbey Fields Car Park

The two parking machines in the car park, which is located next to St Nicholas Church at the bottom of Abbey Fields, were recently adjusted so a two-hour free ticket can now be claimed from 6am to 10pm to continue to support visitors for the leisure centre.

The modifications differ from the prior car park arrangements as previously the old machines allowed motorists to continue to select a two-hour free ticket throughout the day so people could get multiple free tickets.

Motorists are now required to input their vehicle registration in order to get their one two-hour free ticket for the car park.

Abbey Fields parking metre

The two new parking machines were installed in August.

The cost for the car park longer than two hours has not changed, which is 10 pence for 10 minutes with a maximum charge of £4 covering the vehicle up until 10pm.

The new machines offer a variety of payment options including cash, card, Apple & Android pay which, and the RingGo scheme.

The car park remains free on a Sunday.