'A Dangerous Occasion of Sin' - a novel by Kenilworth resident Sheila Storey

Sheila Storey
Sheila Storey

A Kenilworth woman has published her first book, a novel called "A Dangerous Occasion of Sin."

The novel written by Sheila Storey centres around a Catholic family whose son is expected to become a priest because of a family tradition.

Sheila Storey book cover for 'A Dangerous Occasion of Sin,'designed by Oliver Cofler

Sheila Storey book cover for 'A Dangerous Occasion of Sin,'designed by Oliver Cofler

David grows up feeling that he has a true vocation until, with the help of his friend, he starts disentangling his own desires from those of his mother and questioning the vows he'd have to make to become a priest.

David's mother tries to separate him from his lifelong friend because as the friend is a girl, she might lure David from his vocation. The family then faces a series of potentially devastating consequences.

The novel's title, 'A Dangerous Occasion of Sin,' is a phrase from the Catholic catechism or manual for the Roman Catholic faith.

The novel is available at the Kenilworth Books shop in Talisman Square and also from Amazon.

Sheila taught to international students at Warwickshire College, but I now serves as a volunteer for the Leamington Night Shelter and the Warwickshire Library Service.

She said: "I'm a volunteer at the Night Shelter. (We're all volunteers) I arrange the hall for the night, putting out the mats and bedding and give out sleeping bags. I did the Security Industry Authority training so I do some security there as well, but we do all these things together as a team.

"My work for the library is also voluntary. I take library books out to people's homes and to care homes for people who can't get to a library or a mobile library."

The novel, 'A Dangerous Occasion of Sin,' is Sheila's first book, which was published in November 2019.

The cover of the novel was designed by Oliver Cofler, who is also a volunteer at the Leamington Night Shelter. He's written six novels under the name of Mark Z Kammell.

She added: "I was born and brought up a Catholic at a time when there was more emphasis on God's punishments than his love.

"I grew up terrified of the thought of going to Hell. Some of the conversations and scenarios in the book are memories.

"Also I knew a very good-looking, charismatic priest who eventually left the church. I was astonished when I heard that he'd left the priesthood because he was so devout. I often wondered what had happened to make him do that. All these things have simmered away in my mind for years and I finally put a lot of it into this novel - a sort of exorcism."