Paintbrushes at dawn for the great Rotary art debate

Richard and Anna Poynter
Richard and Anna Poynter

Husband and wife Richard and Anna Poynter are asking the art-loving public to choose between their different artistic endeavours.

The retired pharmacist and maths teacher are both skilled artists and their work is being exhibited at the Kenilworth Centre as part of this year’s Rotary Art Show.

But in a new twist, the pair have put out voting forms and are asking visitors to the exhibition to choose, in complete secrecy, which of them is the better artist.

The show runs until September 13 at the Kenilworth Centre, open from 9am until 4pm in the week and from 9am until 2pm on Saturdays.

There will be no prize for the winner - just a quiet hiss of “I told you so”, say the couple, with the loser promising to hand over 10 valuable tombola prizes for the next raffle.