No progress in Oaks Precinct clean-up

Residents of Oaks Precinct in Kenilworth are still waiting for the district and county council to improve the state of the square's plants after four years of trying.

Thursday, 1st September 2016, 11:54 am
Updated Thursday, 1st September 2016, 12:56 pm
One of the planters at Oaks Precinct, Kenilworth

Despite contractors coming once a month to maintain the planters, they are often dirty and full of weeds, which residents believe affects the precinct’s business.

The problems were highlighted by the Weekly News in April, but little has changed since then.

The four planters are either overgrown or barren, and loose brickwork that was spotted in April has not been repaired.

Although Warwickshire County Council owns the planters, it is Warwick District Council who is responsible for their maintenance.

Geoff Burrows, a resident of Oaks Precinct, has been trying to get the state of the planters improved for some time.

But despite the length of time the problems have been going on, Geoff remained optimistic.

He said: “If a contractor is paid to do a job, they need to be managed properly and the job they do should be completed.

“But as it always seems to be, it’s all about people. If the people you speak to have the will to fix the problem, it will get fixed. We’ve gone round and round in circles, but I won’t give up.”

The district council employs Coventry-based The Landscape Group to maintain the planters.

Director of The Landscape Group Sarah Hughes-Clarke said: “It’s our intention to carry out this contract as specified and to do it well.

“If any residents in Oaks Precinct are not happy with our work we of course take it very seriously.”

She also confirmed someone from the company would inspect the site to assess the work that had been done.

District council chief executive Chris Elliott said: “We’ve had some issues from time to time with the contractors, but they are responsible for a wide area across the district.

“It would have to be a district-wide failure before we looked at ending the contract.”