Nine weeks left of Leamington man's year of challenges

A man from Leamington has nine weeks left to complete the rest of his 56 challenges to help raise awareness for the homeless.

Wednesday, 4th April 2018, 11:24 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th April 2018, 11:30 am
Steve Atherton was cycling at Southam Tesco ove the weekend for one of his 56 challenges.

Steve Atherton, who now lives in Warwick, is taking on the challenges for the year that he is 56.

He is hoping that his challenges will raise awareness about the homelessness issue in the Warwick district and raise money for Leamington-based charity Helping Hands and national charity Shelter.

With 9 weeks left of his challenge year, Steve has completed 32 challenges and has another 18 planned. Three of Steve’s longer challenges are also nearly complete these are: running with 56 different people, run in 10 cities and no alcohol for 56 days.

Last weekend Steve took on the challenge of being the Easter Bunny whilst cycling the distance to Oxford in Tesco in Southam. He said: “I knew it would be good fun. Seeing the looks on people faces as they walked into the store to be greeted by a middle aged man dressed as a bunny was great and a smile generally followed. The generously and warmth from the shoppers and staff of Tesco Southam was a great boost in the last few months of the challenge year.

Steve managed to raise £112.00 with his cycling.

Steve is now lining up his next few challenges. Next week he will be taking on the big seven rollercoasters at Alton Towers, taking to the pitch at the Ricoh Stadium with Wasps on April 14 and running in the Regency Run on April 15.

Steve will also be taking on the London Marathon this month.

In May he will be running the Leeds Half Marathon with his daughter Libby, cycling from London to Leamington and taking part in a colour blast run with his other daughter Millie.

To donate to Steve’s fundraising page click here