New look Kenilworth council to bring new ideas

Kenilworth's new town councillors
Kenilworth's new town councillors
  • Kenilworth Town Council has seven new members since last week’s election
  • The council is Conservative led, with just one Liberal Democrat member now sitting
  • New mayor Michael Coker will be introduced at the mayormaking ceremony in May

Kenilworth has welcomed seven new town councillors to the table in what could mean big changes to the town after Thursday’s elections.

The new town council will resume monthly meetings in June and so many newly elected members could mean considerable changes.

Following resignations and retirements this month, there are now seven new members in Jubilee House - and an all but one Tory line up.

The new council will be led by leader, John Cooke and town mayor, Michael Coker.

Cllr Richard Davies has been elected deputy mayor and leader.

The new team is eager to get going with its next meeting on Thursday, June 11.

Cllr Kate Dickson has returned as the town’s only non-Conservative representative at both town and district level after Pat Ryan and Ann Blacklock stepped down ahead of last Thursday’s vote.

The Liberal Democrat who retained her Abbey seat for a second term on the council, said it would be a different four years with the lone seat, but that she will “wait and see” what happens after the “disappointing” news of Conservative gains across the town.

All those fighting to keep their seats were successful.

New members are Helen Delaney and Rowena Hill in Abbey Ward, Alastair Bates, Marilyn Bates, Patricia Cain and Clive Nelson in St John’s, and Richard Hales in Park Hill.

Newly elected councillor, Richard Hales is also chair of the chamber of trade.

He took the vacant seat formerly held by Mike Lewis and thanked everyone for support ahead of his first meeting.

“It is an amazing surprise to have won and I have to thank everyone for their support in the polls,” he said.

“It will certainly be an interesting four years.”

Patricia Cain, chair of Kenilworth Civic Society, also said she was “delighted” with the result and will strive to do her bit for residents.

The town council has powers for allotments, bus shelters, by-laws, entertainments community centres and arts.

Its planning committee also has a say on planning applications before they are discussed by the district council.

Kenilworth also saw Conservative success on the district with all nine seats won by the Tory Party after Lib Dems failed to secure a majority.

In St John’s, Richard Davies was joined by newly elected Patricia Cain and John Cooke.

In Park Hill, Dave Shilton, Felicity Bunker and Andrew Mobbs were re-elected.

Dave Shiton secured 2,643 votes - the second highest number in the district.

In Abbey, Michael Coker and George Illingworth return alongside Rowena Hill.