New Lib Dems sign up to party in droves

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Lib Dem Logo ENGPNL00120130426154109

Liberal Democrat membership in Kenilworth is reportedly soaring as the party emerges from widespread election defeats.

The group failed to gain any new seats in the town in the town and district elections last week as the party lost 49 seats in Parliament.

Town councillor Kate Dickson and county councillor John Whitehouse are the only town representatives left after seats held by Ann Blacklock and Pat Ryan were won by the Conservatives.

Despite crushing defeats in Thursday’s election, party members insist that new members are signing up in “unprecedented numbers”.

It has celebrated 10,000 new members nationally since polling day, with figures also rising locally.

Cllr John Whitehouse said that on Monday he welcomed 10 new members, with more expected through the week.

Here in Kenilworth I have personally welcomed ten new members in 48 hours alone

John Whitehouse

“Liberal Democrat candidates here in Kenilworth were hit badly,” he said.

“Here in Kenilworth I have personally welcomed ten new members in 48 hours alone.

“I encourage all others who support the Lib Dems to consider whether now is the time to stand up and be counted by becoming members.

“The Lib Dems have a very strong bedrock of local support in Kenilworth.

“And although it will be more difficult without a voice on the district council, we shall continue to serve local residents to the best of our abilities.”

Nick Clegg resigned as party leader after losing all but eight of its seats in Parliament during in the general election, describing it as the “most crushing” event for the party.