New Kenilworth music hunt by dedicated DJs

DJs Tom Pinks and Ben Northey
DJs Tom Pinks and Ben Northey

Kenilworth’s musical talent is being called out as part of ongoing promotion drive by a DJ duo who landed themselves a top radio spot to spread new music.

Music loving DJs Tom Pinks and Ben Northey set up a Hit1 FM radio show dedicated to supporting and exposing local talent.

The pair met while working on hospital radio in Rugby, and were offered the primetime slot to showcase new local artists after setting out to raise profiles of young musicians and DJs from across the district.

After stumbling upon Kenilworth’s online radio station the pair now present a programme of music from 4pm to 7pm every Friday.

The regular slot is now dedicated to as many local artists and bands as the pair can find - and they are calling for more town talent to come on board.

Tom Pinks, who is already seeing success for musicians thanks to the new venture, said: “It’s dedicated to as many local artists as we can gather, spanning over numerous genres from all backgrounds.

“It’s going brilliantly so far, we’ve had such a diverse array of artists dropping by the station to play for us but we are still searching for talented people to come and join us and for more Kenilworth bands to get involved.

“It’s been amazing to see the response the show has been getting but we continue to urge as many local musicians to get in touch and send their work to us.”

The station is broadcast online with an average of 2,000 listeners around the world.

To get involved, or show off your music, contact Tom through his Facebook page here