New Kenilworth Centre petition received by town council

The Kenilworth Centre
The Kenilworth Centre

A petition from the Kenilworth and Southam Liberal Democrats asking Kenilworth Town Council to reverse their decision to stop funding the Kenilworth Centre has been formally acknowledged by KTC.

Cllr Kate Dickson (Lib Dem, Abbey), gave a brief speech about the petition before handing it over to the town mayor, Cllr Michael Coker.

She said: “I have been asked by people all over Kenilworth to present this petition. Over 500 people signed the petition online and in paper.

“Approximately 8,000 homes were sent the petition, meaning over six per cent responded, which is an outstanding response rate. Can this council pledge to consider the proposal as soon as possible?”

But after handing the petition over to Cllr Coker (Con, Abbey), he said: “All we can do is note the receipt of that petition for further consideration.”

Funding for the Kenilworth Centre will cease in May after KTC decided to stop giving the centre £30,000 at a meeting in December in spite of a previous petition urging the council to keep the funding attracting 881 signatures.