New disability flats planned for Parkhill Drive

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New flats for the elderly, or physically and mentally disabled residents, are planned for a former caretaker’s bungalow in Parkfield Drive.

A planning application has been made for two one-bedroom apartments at the Parkfield Centre - a site at the entrance to the primary school.

The building was put up in the 1960s as a caretaker’s bungalow, and would be transformed into two flats under the plans as part of a wider scheme to increase care and support in accommodation.

Developers Arden Estate Partnerships has won a tender for four new builds across Warwickshire in a £6.5m project for specialist housing and care facilities.

The group is working with Comfort Care Services and the county council to address a shortfall in specialised housing for elderly people or those with mental or physical disabilities.

The two new flats in Kenilworth will make up a total of 59 one bedrooms flats across in Nuneaton and Dordon, along with 13 bedrooms in shared housing.

The Kenilworth site was identified by Warwick District Council as suitable for development, with a high customer demand.

Construction is expected to start in the autumn if planning permission is approved.

The completed flats will be rented to Regent Housing, a not-for-profit organisation.

Chris Lewington from Warwickshire council said: “There is a growing demand for support in the community, which is why it’s crucial that we not only design services tailored specifically to support individuals needs, but also provide the right environment to deliver this help.”