MP admits Brexit uncertainty 'inevitable' after Jaguar Land Rover says thousands of jobs threatened by bad deal

JLR has warned a bad Brexit deal could threaten thousands of jobs
JLR has warned a bad Brexit deal could threaten thousands of jobs

Kenilworth and Southam's MP has admitted it is difficult to give Jaguar Land Rover certainty over Brexit after it warned a bad deal could threaten thousands of jobs.

JLR employs thousands of people in Kenilworth and the rest of Warwickshire.

But it said many jobs could be at risk if the government does not secure a strong Brexit deal that promotes trade.

JLR's CEO Dr Ralf Speth said: “We urgently need greater certainty to continue to invest heavily in the UK and safeguard our suppliers, customers and 40,000 British-based employees.

“A bad Brexit deal would cost Jaguar Land Rover more than £1.2 billion profit each year. "

Jeremy Wright MP said he took JLR's concerns seriously.

Mr Wright said: "Jaguar Land Rover are perfectly entitled to express concern. But we're trying to get to the point where there's a good deal on the table.

"But it's very complicated. While we're negotiating it's difficult to give businesses certainty.

"We don't know what the final situation will be. It's a first for them and it's a first for us."

He also said JLR was still keen to invest in the UK.

Mr Wright added: "The tax base that they have here is very much to their liking. But they are obviously worried about having access to the European market.

"We're doing our best to minimise this risk. But until there's a deal, there will be uncertainty. It's an inevitable consequence."

The Cabinet will be meeting at the Prime Minister's county retreat at Chequers tomorrow (Friday July 6) to try and formulate a trade deal to present to the EU.