More hope for HS2 compensation

Computer-generated visuals of HS2
Computer-generated visuals of HS2

New HS2 compensation schemes have been announced to give more hope to those living alongside the proposed the high speed railway.

A need to sell scheme will allow homeowners to sell to the government if they can prove they have “a compelling reason to sell their property, but have been unable to do so - other than at a substantially reduced price” as a result of HS2 proposals.

A rural support zones extends to 120 metres of the proposed tracks for areas which will not have tunnels.

And a homeowner payment zone has been set up to help people living up to 300 metres from the line who could receive payments between £22,500 and £7,500.

The HS2 hybrid bill is currently making its way through Parliament, with a select committee taking petitions from affected residents along the London to Birmingham route.