More crimes lead to stark warning for Kenilworth

Police are appealing for information
Police are appealing for information

Change your behaviour or be targeted by criminals, is the stern message or residents following more thefts.

Community Crown Watch volunteers have joined police to issued the simple advice following two more thefts from cars in the town.

Sometime around 5pm on February 19, offenders smashed the passenger window of a Renault Clio which was parked in Hollis Lane. A CK fabric designer handbag, brown DKNY purse containing cash and cards, an IPhone and makeup were all stolen from inside.

Later that evening, a car parked in Lunn Avenue was broken into and a car manual and service book was stolen from inside.

And community Crown Watch volunteers are warning that they are simply the latest incidents in an “ongoing problem” faced by residents who continue to leave items on display in their cars.

The scheme is connected to Neighbourhood Watch and encourages residents to protect themselves from criminals in their community.

A group statement read: “It is clear that these types of crime are becoming persistent and frequent in and around the town.

“Crown Watch and Kenilworth’s Safer Neighbourhood Team have highlighted the need several times for residents to take responsibility and not to leave anything of value in motor vehicles, even when parked at home addresses and on private drives.

“Despite these efforts much of the community does not engage with Neighbourhood Watch and consequently it is unconsciously building a ‘rich pickings’ reputation for Kenilworth with opportunist criminals.

“Whilst we as a community fail to address our behaviour with vehicle security and valuables we can expect further and frequent visits from criminals to an area they seemingly and increasingly consider as ‘easy’ and ‘worthwhile’ when it comes to committing crime.”

Police have previously warned that around half of all vehicle related crimes reported in Kenilworth have arisen because cars were left unlocked or with valuable items on display.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101.