More closures to come as roadworks continue

Roadworks sign PNL-140620-171146001
Roadworks sign PNL-140620-171146001
  • Traffic work around Gibbet Hill Road and the University of Warwick have been ongoing since the summer
  • Closures will continue on weekends in April and overnight
  • Work is aimed at improving access and safety for drivers and pedestrians

Road disruption will continue into this month as closures continue in the final months of work along Gibbet Hill Road and the university campus.

Roadworks around the university have been ongoing since June, and are set to continue this month with overnight and weekend closures.

Work will be undertaken in four phases between June 2014 and until summer 2015

Coventry City Council

Gibbet Hill Road, which was closed overnight from Tuesday for resurfacing of the Scarman Road roundabout, is due to reopen on Saturday.

The road has been closed overnight for the past four nights, with no access into or out of the university campus.

Peter Howarth, programme manager at Coventry Council, has also warned that as a new roundabout is completed on the Kenilworth Road, there will be more disruption in the coming weeks.

The junction at Kenilworth Road, Gibbet Hill Road and Stoneleigh Road will be completely closed to traffic between 10pm on April 24 and 6am on April 27.

Up until this time, the junction will continue to operate with two-way traffic lights.

Work at the junction of Kenilworth Road and the A45 is now complete, but disruption and closures will continue on campus until the summer.

The university is working with Coventry Council to install a roundabout, improvements to access and a new road layout in construction, expected to last until the summer.

A council statement read: “Work will be undertaken in four phases between June 2014 and until summer 2015.

“We are working with the University of Warwick on a number of improvements around the campus and on surrounding roads.”

Once complete, the improvements will include a reduced speed limit and roundabout onto the university campus.

A bus interchange will provide space for five vehicles at a time - operating “like a mini bus station” on campus.

A roundabout at the Gibbet Hill Road, Kenilworth Road and Stoneleigh Road junction is nearing completion to replacing existing traffic lights.

There will be a new right turn lane into Gibbet Hill campus, and more pedestrian crossings across the area.

The University of Warwick will also benefit from a new bus interchange, a plaza outside the arts centre and new buildings across campus.

Two-way lights from Gibbet Hill Road through the central campus will remain in place during the daytime to allow works adjacent to the carriageway.

Helen May, of the university, has previously reassured students and residents that despite disruptive work, measures are in place to keep traffic flowing.

“We understand very well that these road works have caused many difficulties for people who use the road, as well as for our 5,000 staff, 23,000 students and visitors to campus,” she said.

“It has been our responsibility to try to minimise the disturbance to our students, staff and visitors, and to keep them informed about the progress of the works.

“This has been very difficult given that it has often been a fast-changing process.”

For details on upcoming closures and changes, click here where maps are available. Or contact Peter Howarth on 024 7683 2866 or for updates.