Life-saver in place at Kenilworth furniture shop

  • Thomas Hearn now has a defibrillator at the store for staff and public use
  • The machine is fully automatic meaning it will monitor need and level of any electric shock
  • It is hoped the specialist medical equipment will save lives should an emergency arise

Lives in Kenilworth could be saved thanks to a new automatic defibrillator at Thomas Hearn to make sure help is always at hand.

The lifesaving machine was installed at the Warwick Road furniture store this month to offer help in the event of a potentially fatal heart attack.

Put simply, we are delighted to help in any way we can and make this facility available for public use

Simon Kirkpatrick

Company director Simon Kirkpatrick said staff will be trained in how to use the medical equipment in a measure promoted by a near-fatal heart attack within the team.

“I have a member of staff who recently had a heart attack,” he said.

“Thankfully he survived and is back at work, however we felt it was prudent as a health and safety issue to have a defibrillator.”

He explained that the machine would not be restricted to staff members, and a sign is being put up to let people know that the equipment is available for use in an emergency situation.

“We will be absolutely delighted to make it available for general use in the town should a need arise,” he said.

“Put simply, we are delighted to help in any way we can and make this facility available for public use.

As the store is open seven days a week, the medical machine will be in use for large periods each day.

The specialist equipment automatically reads a patient’s heart condition so the right level of treatment can be administered to help save lives in the event of heart attack or heart failure.

An electric shock is only given if it is required, meaning the machine can be safely used in emergency situations without risk of causing greater health problems.

For more details, contact the Warwick Road store.