Leamington Rotary Club’s Trees of Light campaign raised thousands of pounds for Myton Hospices

Yvonne Hall (centre) and her family.
Yvonne Hall (centre) and her family.

Thousands of pounds raised over the Christmas period by Leamington Rotary Club’s Trees of Light Campaign will go towards helping Myton Hospices patients like Yvonne Hall.

In 2011, Yvonne was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour and was initially given between nine and 15 months to live.

However, following six weeks of intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Yvonne’s tumour had shrunk by half and Yvonne went straight back to work as a higher teaching assistant in Coventry.

Yvonne first came into contact with Myton when she started attending the day hospice every Friday after being referred by her GP.

She attended Myton for over a year and enjoyed being able to take part in arts and crafts as well as receive complementary therapies.

Yvonne also stayed at the In Patient Unit at the Coventry Myton Hospice on two separate occasions.

During her second stay, Yvonne and her family enjoyed a barbecue in the hospice grounds thanks to help from staff.

Yvonne’s family were also given the opportunity to use the relatives’ accommodation, a service which the family said meant a great deal to them.

Before Yvonne began attending Myton her family said they had a dim perception of hospices, believing that they were purely a place to die.

Now they say they don’t know what they would’ve done without Myton.

They have said: “Myton staff don’t treat you as a patient, they see you as a person.”

They added that if they find themselves in a similar situation to that of Yvonne, they themselves would like to die with dignity at a hospice.

Yvonne died at the Coventry Hospice on May 14 2015.

At her wake in May there was a Christmas tree to show her love of the festive period.

Her family have collected more than £1,800 for the charity through fundraising, which they continue to do.

The Rotary Club’s Trees of Light Campaign was held from November up until the new year.

People made donations to the Myton Hospices and dedicated lights to loved ones on Christmas trees at Leamington Town Hall and St Margaret’s church in Whitnash.

The annual campaign raised more than £4,000.

Mike Wilkinson, communications officer for the Rotary Club branch, said: “Once again the Trees of Light have given so many people the opportunity to remember their family and friends who could not share their Christmas, while also helping the hospices to continue their function for the community. We’re proud of this success, but many people and organisations worked with us to make it possible.”