Leamington residents warned to be vigilant after break-ins

Police news.
Police news.

Police are reminding residents to be vigilant after several break-ins at homes in Leamington.

In the last week there have been three break-ins reported.

The first break-in (Incident number 13 of April 25) happened at around 3am on Tuesday morning.

The intruders kicked in the door of a flat in Grove Street, brandishing a weapon.

They then opened a bedroom door and shouted at the residents, who had called the police.

While in the flat the intruders also damaged other doors before police officers arrived on the scene and they quickly made off.

The second break-in (incident number 379 of April 24) happened at some time between 11am and 7.30pm on Monday.

Offenders gained access to a flat in Warwick New Road through an insecure window and stole a Playstation console and a tablet computer.

The third incident (incident number 43 of April 25) happened at some point between 5.30pm on Sunday and 7.10am on Tuesday.

Offenders had entered the rear garden of a home in St Andrews Road through an insecure garden gate and attempted to get inside the house through the rear door.

Despite attempts to gain access, the offenders did not get inside the house.

Police are warning residents to be vigilant and that is anyone has any information about the break-ins to contact them on 101 quoting the incident number above.