Leamington man in ‘irrestible’ challenge across USA by bicycle

Robert Todd.
Robert Todd.

Breathtaking scenery and a great sense of achievement will be the rewards for a Leamington man who is taking part in a 2,700-mile cycling race across the United States.

Robert Todd, a 42-year-old product manager in agricultural machinery, is due to cross the finish line today (November 14) in the Race the World cycling event from Los Angeles to Miami.

The event has seen amateur cyclists from across the world race the distance as part of two teams over a two-week period.

Robert said: “The incredible views and unique routes across the mountains, combined with the chance to challenge myself on the bike made Race the World an irresistible challenge that I just couldn’t get out of my head. I travel a lot with work, but seeing the world on a bike is something else.”

The cyclists have been accompanied by technical and coaching support teams and have been spending their nights at ‘race villages’ along the route. Each team member is required to cycle at least 37 miles per day. The teams are racing on a daily basis, so the team who has gained the lowest accumulative points - based on their timings per day - wins the overall event.

This year’s event is taking place in the USA, but future events will cover other parts of the world. To find out more, visit www.racetheworldcycling.com