Leamington loo leaves allotment holders flushed with success

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Leamington allotment holders are celebrating the launch of a new ‘green’ toilet for gardeners and guests.

Special guest Matt Western, MP for Warwick and Leamington, answered the call to launch the new eco-toilet at St Mary’s Allotments.

Matt officially launched the environmentally-friendly convenience that has been installed at the patch in Leamington.

The French-made loo is designed to make allotmenting accessible to the wider range of people now using the allotments and will enable the area to host community events.

Powered by solar and wind turbines the purchase was made possible by a National Lottery Awards for All grant.

Matt revealed that he has a fondness for allotment gardening, though the new facility is a far cry from the composting toilet on his grandfather’s farm in Canada.

The MP also met plot-holders during the visit on August 20 and praised the resplendent allotments, where apples and blackberries are coming into season.

Matt said: “It was an honour to open the brand new eco-toilet at St Mary’s Allotments. It is such a great community initiative and good for the environment. Thanks to all those who came along to the event in the rain and I hope that the eco-toilet helps make allotments more accessible to the local community.”

A spokesman for the allotments said: “We are thrilled that Matt launched the new facility and got to see the allotments in such fine form. The eco-toilet really blends in with the surroundings and widen the number of people who can take up plots and benefit from the healthy hobby of allotment gardening.”