Leamington community woodland signs up to match-funding campaign

A community event at Foundry Wood in Leamington.
A community event at Foundry Wood in Leamington.

The team who manage a community woodland in Leamington are inviting people to help it gain extra funding through a scheme that enables donations to be doubled.

The Friends of Foundry Wood has signed up to Localgiving’s Grow Your Tenner campaign, which was launched today (October 13) and means that for a period of one month, one-time donations will be matched pound-for-pound up to £10 and monthly donations up to £10 per month will be matched for three months.

The group has access to £10,000 of the match funding available - and the funding it gains will be put towards creating a natural play area in the woods.

With Gift Aid, a £10 donation will earn Foundry Wood £21.67. Supporters can make up to five one-time donations and set up a one monthly Direct Debit per charity, which could result in £160 of funding.

Kath Pasteur, Secretary of the Friends of Foundry Wood, said: “2015 has been a great year for us so far in terms of raising funds from the public.

“We raised over £2,000 in response to our appeal after vandalism to our compost toilet and railway wagon. The wagon has now been repaired and the new compost toilet is almost completed.

“Grow Your Tenner is an exciting campaign and a fantastic opportunity for raise funds for our next project: a natural climbing frame and maybe even a tree house!

“All donations will make a huge difference to us and, with the added bonus of doubled donations, we hope local people will join in.”

To donate, visit localgiving.com/charity/foundrywood

To keep up-to-date with events taking place at Foundry Wood, which include a Halloween party on Saturday October 31, visit www.foundrywood.co.uk