Leamington brothers' soft drink gets Radio 2 shout-out

Garry Robinson (left) and Mike Robinson (right) with their Ikoyi Chapmans soft drink
Garry Robinson (left) and Mike Robinson (right) with their Ikoyi Chapmans soft drink

A Warwickshire-made soft drink inspired by two Leamington brothers’ childhood memories of living in Nigeria has been given a shout-out by DJ Chris Evans on his Radio 2 show.

Mike Robinson, who founded 'Ikoyi Chapmans' with his brother Garry, hand-delivered a note and a case of 24 bottles of the drink to Evans before he went on air on Thursday November 29.

It was inspired by Evans talking on air about ‘The Gunner’, a soft drink in the same vein as Ikoyi Chapmans.

The brothers, from Leamington, brought their own sparkling citrus fruit drink with bitters to the UK market in the spring and have since signed distribution deals all over the country.

It is based on a drink mixed by local bartenders in Lagos, Nigeria, where Mike and Garry lived as children.

In his letter to Evans, Mike wrote: “You mentioned ‘The Gunner’ drink a few weeks ago. Try an Ikoyi Chapmans, a refreshing, authentic, traditionally hand-mixed drink from Nigeria now bottled here in the UK.”

Evans told his nine million listeners: “I’m going to say hello to Mike. Because he bothered to turn up outside this morning at 5am, waiting in his car to see me.

“You could tell he was a nice bloke. He had a case of the drink, called Ikoyi Chapmans, which he’s picked up from his travels around the world and brought back to Britain.”

Mike added: “We were over the moon to hear the drink we’ve worked so hard to produce mentioned on such a huge platform. It was very good of Chris to give us a shout-out."

Mike also said he and Garry offered to supply the drink for one of Evans' charity events in support of Children in Need, although they have not had an answer yet.

Anyone wishing to listen to the shout-out can do so here