Lack of affordable homes a concern for Kenilworth residents

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A lack of affordable homes in Kenilworth is among the biggest concerns of residents in the town, according to a survey conducted by Kenilworth and Southam Liberal Democrats.

Volunteers from the party visited 800 homes across the three council wards in the town last month to deliver surveys to residents which included questions about crime, public transport, the environment, community safety, voting in elections, and other council services.

Residents were also asked what they liked most and least about living in Kenilworth.

Out of those that responded to the survey, 92 per cent said they were worried that there was not enough affordable housing in the town for young people to live in.

Other concerns raised by respondents were about provisions for young people, public transport, speeding traffic, cars badly parked on pavements, and potholes.

However, nine out of ten who responded to the survey said they felt safe living in the town, and seven out of ten said they would use the new train station which is set to open in December 2016.

The majority of respondents thought that litter was not a significant issue in the town and also thought the council was doing enough to maintain the town’s grass verges and trees, and were also doing enough to keep on top of dog mess.

Richard Dickson, Parliamentary Affairs Spokesperson for Kenilworth and Southam, said: “The good news from the survey responses is that what people value most about living in Kenilworth is the sense of friendly community, as well as the good schools and the relatively easy access to shops.

“However, there is very strong feeling about affordable housing and, given the current plans to invest in more houses and local facilities in the town, we’ll be campaigning hard to make sure that provision of affordable homes for younger people and services for children and young people get top priority.”