Kenilworth's outdoor pool may disappear as part of leisure centre changes for town

The future of Kenilworth's outdoor pool in Abbey Fields is in doubt after Warwick District Council announced its plans to change and improve leisure facilities in the town.

Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 11:57 am
Updated Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 9:03 am
The future of Kenilworth's outdoor pool is in doubt

The council has laid out its initial ideas for how to improve the facilities at Abbey Fields and Castle Farm, and hopes to put them out for public consultation after an executive meeting on Wednesday September 26.

While the council has not ruled out keeping the outdoor pool as it is, it is the 'alternative' of two options. The main option is to replace the outdoor pool with an indoor teaching pool which the council says will increase revenue. There was no option to increase the size of the outdoor pool.

Jane Green of 'Restore Kenilworth's Lido', a campaign group dedicated to keeping the outdoor pool and formerly known as 'Save Our Outdoor Pool', was not confident the pool would be kept, but vowed to keep campaigning.

She also wanted an entirely separate consultation on the future of the outdoor pool as she felt it was too important to be lumped in with other leisure facilities in Kenilworth.

She said: "I don't think the pool will be kept, because they (Warwick District Council) because they're not seeing the potential at all. There's so many other alternatives (to improve the pool).

"This is our history. It's got so much character in Abbey Fields and the town. You don't just go there to swim, you go there to be in a beautiful place.

"If it goes, Kenilworth would be a lot poorer and it would lose a wonderful historical asset that has been loved for many generations."

Portfolio holder for Culture Cllr Michael Coker said both options for the pool were being considered equally, and added: "We want to hear what people think about the options."

The council is also proposing that Castle Farm Recreation Centre would be demolished and replaced with a facility large enough for a sports hall with six badminton courts, a gym with around 80 stations and one or two studios for dance, fitness and other exercise.

There are two options considered for the several sections of Scouts and Guides who are currently based at Castle Farm - either to relocate them, or to build a new facility at Castle Farm for them.

But details about the future move of Kenilworth Wardens to the site are scant.

The proposals are all part of 'Phase 2' of the council's improvements for leisure facilities in the district. 'Phase 1' focused on improving Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre in Lemaington and St Nicholas Leisure Centre in Warwick.