Kenilworth’s ‘Castle High Kids’ revel in trip down memory lane

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Castle High School reunion eS8qT5nCeYPNAjWeWiRs

Former pupils have relived their school days with the first reunion in over forty years to say a final farewell before the buildings are demolished.

Over 55 “Castle High Kids” joined forces for a walk down memory lane this month to share memories and wave goodbye to the site where they spent their childhoods.

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Castle High School reuinion s5qsUpRggFbKq0Wb9CHW

Up until 1974 Kenilworth School was made up of Abbey High School, Castle High School and Kenilworth Grammar School. The three sites were later merged, with Castle High School becoming Castle Sixth Form.

The school and sixth form are earmarked for relocation under the council’s Local Plan, with plans for demolition and houses built in their place.

Keen to say a fond farewell to the Castle High site - also known as Castle End - and relive memories, pupils from decades gone by were called from across the UK to take a look at changes to their former school.

Special guest was Jacqui Atkins whose late father was head master at the school from 1957 to 1970.

Described by organisers as a “great success” the day attracted attention from across the UK after news spread of the first meet-up in years.

Ian Oakley, a pupil of Castle High up until 1973, was keen to spread word and said it was quite a surprise to see double the number of guests turning out to celebrate on the day.

“Initially, 20 people were expected, so to more than double that was beyond everyone’s expectations,” he said. “Hopefully this is the first of many reunions to put Castle High School back on the map before it is lost forever.

“The Facebook page goes from strength to strength and

“Mr Jeremy who was headmaster must have looked down to us in pride. It just shows that though many years have passed since our school days there is much pride in being a Castle High Kid.”

Thanks ere extended by all to Pete Hunt and Sue Mahady for organising the day and to Jacqui Atkins for coming to speak to the reunion group.

Visit the Facebook page for more pictures and information on future reunions.