Kenilworth Rotary meets the man who’s met them all

From left to right: John Kelley, Peter Roberts, John Humphrys and Paul Jaspal
From left to right: John Kelley, Peter Roberts, John Humphrys and Paul Jaspal

Members of Kenilworth Rotary Club presented journalist and TV presenter John Humphrys with a £5,000 cheque for Kitchen Table Charities Trust at the recent Heart of England Rotary Conference held in Cardiff.

Mr Humphrys gave a talk at the conference about his interviews with many leading figures including former Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, which the club described as “fascinating and amusing”.

Mr Humphrys, famous for his long-running role as a presenter on the Today programme on Radio 4, is not as well known for his founding of the Kitchen Table Charities Trust, so named because it helps charities run from their ‘kitchen table’ with no paid staff and no overheads.

On the charity’s website, Mr Humphrys said: “I have spent many years working in Third World countries – mostly in Africa – and have been hugely impressed by what these charities do.

“I have also noticed over the years that many people would like to help these ‘kitchen table’ charities but they’re not sure how to go about it.

“When I wrote about this I had letters from thousands of people offering help. That’s why I set up the trust.”

The money the trust raises goes towards small charities that do work in some of the poorest part of the world.

Often, these charities are too small to advertise effectively or run their own fundraisers, so all the money raised goes straight towards their work,

One thing the charities in the trust have in common is that whatever money they have is spent on people in need rather than self-promotion.

Mr Humphrys added on the website: “We believe that charity is about individuals helping other individuals with the minimum of bureaucracy and needless expense.”