Kenilworth residents give mixed feedback on Talisman plans

Artist's impression of the planned development from Station Road
Artist's impression of the planned development from Station Road

Kenilworth’s reaction to the planned development of the north side of Talisman square has been mixed following a public consultation by property companies Cobalt Estates and Discovery Properties.

According to a questionnaire, 62 per cent of people who visited the public exhibition of proposals for the development of the square welcomed the addition of further student flats, and that was with the proviso of them being correctly managed.

65 per cent of respondents supported the installation of more retail units.

However, more than eight out of ten people surveyed welcomed previous developments to Talisman over the last decade.

The plans include the construction of 102 student flats above four ground-floor shops, which will take up 15,000 sq ft of space if the plans are approved.

No provision for parking has been included in the plans, although space will be provided for students who have bicycles.

Hugo Hawkings, chief executive of Discovery Properties, said: “Redeveloping the north side of Talisman would provide a massive boost to the area’s economy and bring positive benefits to our tenants, along with other businesses in the town centre.

“The views of our tenants, our neighbours and the local community are extremely important to us and we were pleased to share our plans and the feedback we received has been very positive.”

This view is not shared by everyone, with an article on the online blog ‘Secret Kenilworth’ describing the proposed development as a ‘dark, foreboding walkway of bricks that may just happen’ and that it ‘falls short in a number of areas’.

Plans to develop the north side of the square were first mooted in 2008, but the subsequent recession stopped the plans in their tracks, and a temporary car park was built instead in 2013.

The plans are set to be finalised by the two groups towards the end of November.