Kenilworth residents blame council contractors over state of lawns

A number of residents at Beauchamp Court, Kenilworth, are at the 'end of their tether' over the state of their lawns, which are looked after by Warwick District Council. NNL-171031-210611009

Residents of council-owned sheltered accommodation in Kenilworth are ‘at the end of their tether’ over the state of the grass outside the building.

Occupants of Beauchamp Court in Beauchamp Road have claimed contractors employed by Warwick District Council to cut the grass have not been up to standard for two years.

Brenda Phillips, speaking on behalf of Beauchamp Court’s residents, said: “They’re churning up the grass like nobody’s business. It looks like a ploughed field.

“People going down the road must think it’s a right shambles.

“We’ve spoken to the council but nobody seems to want to do anything. We’re at the end of our tether.

“We’re nearly at the point of saying ‘forget it’, but we can’t afford to do it ourselves.”

Brenda also thought the standard of grass cutting at Beauchamp Court is lower than in more central areas of Kenilworth because it is out of the way.

But a spokesman for Warwick District Council defended how the grass is cut, and said other places like Beauchamp Court have their lawns cut in the same way.

They said: “The grass at Beauchamp Court has received all but one of the 14 cuts which have been scheduled for the 2017 season and will have its final cut in the next few days.

“Grass cutting frequencies and method varies across the district and Beauchamp Court is classed as an amenity cut, which means that the grass cuttings are left behind, as is the case with this type of specification across the district.

“Issues raised and reported by residents in July and September were rectified by the contractor, shortly after they occurred.

“We have no plans to change our current contract which expires in 2021.”

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