Kenilworth pub recommended for demolition by district council officers

GV - Albion Tavern, Albion Street, Kenilworth NNL-150825-195917009
GV - Albion Tavern, Albion Street, Kenilworth NNL-150825-195917009

A Kenilworth pub has been recommended for demolition by Warwick District Council (WDC) officers despite members of Kenilworth Town Council voicing objections to the plans.

The Albion Tavern in Albion Street is set to make way for six semi-detached houses if planning permission for the demolition is granted by WDC’s planning committee at a meeting on Tuesday December 8.

In their report, council officers state that there is “no local need” to keep the pub as the town is “served adequately by other accessible facilities.” The officers also claim the design of the houses “reflects the layout, character and quality of the surrounding area” and would not have a detrimental impact on adjacent houses.

Additionally, the original planning application described the pub as “run down and unloved” and claimed the pub was not well-used by the community.

However, in a meeting held in September, members of Kenilworth Town Council, while not opposed to the demolition of the pub itself, regarded the proposed houses replacing it as a “massive overdevelopment” which would dominate the street when completed, and missed a great opportunity to provide affordable housing in the town.

Officers dismissed the town council’s concerns over affordable housing in their report, stating that in urban areas like Kenilworth affordable housing only needs to be provided on building projects consisting of 10 houses or more.

Town councillors also thought the parking provision for the six houses could be inadequate for the amount of occupants that could potentially live in the houses, as the Albion Tavern’s car park currently provides off-street parking for many people.

Although bats were discovered roosting in the pub, potentially casting doubt over the plans, ecologists have said the demolition can go ahead as long as a replacement void and bat boxes are included in the new buildings.