Kenilworth nursery worker urges people to learn first aid after saving father’s life

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A Kenilworth nursery worker is urging people to take up first aid courses after she was able to save her father’s life with her knowledge.

Lucy, 35, who does not want to reveal her surname for personal reasons, was able to help her father Duncan when he suffered a heart attack.

In November 2015, Lucy was at work at her family’s private day nursery in Burton Green when Duncan, who lives in the house adjacent to the nursery, fell ill.

Lucy’s brother Martin found Duncan slumped in his chair so Lucy and her sister-in-law Michelle put him into the recovery position while Lucy’s mother Fiona called 999.

Lucy says: “We weren’t sure what was wrong, but after answering a few questions, the call handler advised us that he had most likely suffered a cardiac arrest and to start CPR.

“Michelle started the chest compressions and Martin did the rescue breaths, and then I took over from Michelle on the compressions. All the time we were talking to my dad, telling him it was going to be OK.

“I have always done first aid training as part of my work, but I never thought I would need to use those skills so close to home.

“I would urge anyone who doesn’t know first aid to get along to a course and get some basic lifesaving skills, because you really never know when or where you might need to put those skills to the test.”

Once the ambulance arrived, Duncan was rushed to hospital and was sedated. But after a quadruple heart bypass, he eventually pulled through.

Duncan said: “I am so proud of the three of them. There is no shadow of doubt in my mind that the first aid training they had saved my life that day. I could not have been in better hands.”

Courses run by St Johns Ambulance will take place on Sunday August 14 in Coventry from 1-4pm, and on Thursday August 18 in Stoneleigh from 7-10pm. They cost £30.

To find out more information or to book a place, call 0121 237 3879 or email