Kenilworth fundraiser airlifted to hospital after mountain fall

A fundraiser has expressed her thanks to the mountain helicopter crews and guides who rescued her when she fell down Snowdon on a charity event.

Friday, 25th May 2018, 10:29 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:49 am
James Hawkesford with Carol Pare and Pauline Carrera Silva on Snowdon

Carol Pare, of Kenilworth, was taking on a charity climb for Young People First, which is based in Leamington, with her colleagues from Hawkesford estate agents last Wednesday (May 16), when she lost her footing coming back down the mountain.

The 59 year old said: “On the way down I put my foot on a rock that was unstable and stood on it to step forward down to the next step. I lost my balance because it moved and I thought I caught myself but then I just remember rolling and rolling – almost in slow motion and I was worried that I wasn’t going to stop. It was quite scary.”

Carol was walking along with James Hawkesford and Pauline Carrera Silva, directors at Hawkesford estate agents.

Carol Pare on Snowdon

She added: “We must have been half an hour down from the top of the mountain. James has since told me that when I stopped rolling down I was very close to a ledge.

“I was aware of James and the guide telling at me not to move, not to get up and to just keep really still.

“The team on the rescue helicopter were absolutely amazing and I cannot praise them enough and our guides too.

“At one point they weren’t sure if the helicopter could get through because of the clouds but the cloud lifted and they could get to me.

The rescue helicopter that took Carol to Bangor Hospital.

“God was looking after me that day and I felt He was there and He stopped me from rolling when I needed to stop and lifted the clouds when the helicopter needed to get in.”

Carol was airlifted to Bangor Hospital where she was found to have a broken finger and bruising on her skull.

She is now recovering at home.

The event, which was called Santas Rock Snowdon, was originally due to take place in December but it was cancelled due to snow and cancelled again in April because of more snow.

Members of staff from Hawkesford, AC Lloyd, EHB Commercial and Frampton’s Planning, which are all located in the Warwick district, took part in the charity climb.

Carol and the rest of the group were led up Snowdon by three guides from Raw Adventures based from Llanberis.

Despite her fall, Carol is still pleased that she made it to the top of Snowdon and is thankful for the help and treatment she received. She said: “I opted into the challenge at the last minute as four people who were due to do it couldn’t make the date. It would have been nice to have completed the challenge but I am relieved I got to the top.

“The mountain rescue were incredible and so were the people at Bangor Hospital. I would like to thank them for being really good at what they do because if you haven’t got confidence in them then it really is a frightening experience but you have to trust what they are doing.

“I am going to write to them and the guides to say thank you as I couldn’t have got off the mountain without them.”

James Hawkesford said: “We all reached the summit in cloudy conditions where we all donned Santa outfits and sang a couple of carols.

“On the way back down close to where the Pyg Pass meets the miners route Carol fell from a loose rock and sustained a head injury.

“Our guide who is part of the mountain rescue team decided after that she needed to be evacuated from the mountain ASAP and called emergency services.

“It was very worrying to see your accounts department being winched into a helicopter, but luckily Carol is now getting better.

“The support she received from our guide was first rate and the Coastguard helicopter team were fantastic, we would like to thank all those that helped out last week.”

If anyone would like to donate to the Young People First charity go to: