Kenilworth dog attack left dachshund fighting for her life, says owner

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  • A dachshund was left fighting for its life after an attack in Albion Street
  • An appeal for witnesses to help trace the dog owners is now out by Warwickshire Police
  • Officers said the owner was described as being a white man in his twenties or thirties, and the dog was very muscular with a large face

A terrified grandmother has put out emotional warnings after her pet was left fighting for its life after a vicious dog attack in Kenilworth.

The woman, who wants to remain unnamed for her safety, said her dachshund Daisy was attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier which was left tied up along Albion Street in May.

She said that as she passed, the aggressive and agitated animal pulled free and pounced on her pet in a vicious attack which left her wrestling and shrieking to try and free Daisy.

Hearing the commotion, the dog’s owner ran out of the convenience store and pulled the animal free before the pair fled.

The widowed mother-of-two from Kenilworth suffered facial injuries in the struggle, but said her five-year-old dog was almost killed and will never recover from the ordeal.

Daisy was left with gaping wounds along her back, a pierced liver and broken hip and leg injuries which cannot be operated on for fear of severing a nerve and leaving the limb completely limp.

The distraught victim said: “This dog saw us coming, it broke free and attacked. It nearly killed Daisy.

“She is still not right, and never will be. She is very nervous and not the dog she was.

“I know it is not down to the dog, any dog is brought up to be as calm or aggressive as the owners encourage it to be.

“This animal was tremendously vicious, my little dachshund didn’t stand a chance. I can only imagine the horror if I had been with my little granddaughter that day.

“Others have told me similar stories, but this dog is still free and not wearing a muzzle. I just want people to beware.”

Thanks to help from stunned onlookers, Daisy was rushed to a vet where she was given emergency treatment, but told she may never recover and may have to be put down.

Her owner, who was also treated be for injuries, said Daisy drastically improved but will never be the same.

Insisting there were several witnesses keen to help police, and video evidence, she said she now simply wants action or warnings for others.

The grandmother said shop staff confirmed the attack was caught on CCTV but that after watching footage, officers were unable to transfer the files before it was routinely wiped. Contradicting this, a police spokesperson said the cameras were not working.

Warwickshire Police confirmed the dog attack on May 23 was being investigated and may fall under the Dangerous Dog Act. A statement read: “The victim’s dog was injured after being attacked by another dog and the victim sustained slight facial injuries.

“The owner of the offending dog left the scene.

Unfortunately there was no working CCTV available, and witnesses were only able to provide limited descriptions.

“The investigation is still very much ongoing with a number of lines of enquiry being pursued to trace the offender.”