Kenilworth charity shop's 'cry for help' as its stock dwindles

Manager of Headway in Kenilworth Malcolm Boote is urging people to donate stock
Manager of Headway in Kenilworth Malcolm Boote is urging people to donate stock

A Kenilworth charity shop is urging generous residents to donate new items over fears its stock could run out.

Headway in The Square has been in the town for around eight years, but manager Malcolm Boote said its stock levels were dwindling as fewer people than ever were coming into the shop.

The lower footfall has meant the shop is not raising as much money for the charity, which supports people with brain injuries, as it would like.

Malcolm said: “We’re desperate for stock and desperate to raise money for people who have suffered brain injuries and their families.

"It’s like every shop - we need to put out new stock to get the clientele in. If we haven’t got the stock to do that we’re not raising the money.

“And it’s not only my shop, it’s Headway shops across the whole region. It’s got really bad now, and if we don’t get new stock, the money we would raise would drop tremendously.

“It’s a cry for help. People in Kenilworth are very generous, but we’re just asking for that little bit extra.”

When asked why he thought donations had gone down, Malcolm said: “I don’t know, I haven’t got a clue. Is it a sign of the times? The economic climate?

“People can now take their items to clothes banks and get money for them, and this could be why we’re falling short on stock.”

Malcolm did not think the number of charity shops in Kenilworth was contributing to the problem.

He said many people specifically come to Kenilworth from places like Coventry to visit its charity shops and pick up a potential bargain.

Anyone wishing to help should simply bring their unwanted clothes and items to the shop.