Kenilworth artist including locals in ambitious painting project

A Kenilworth artist is including local people in an ambitious project which involves creating a painting every day for 365 days of the year.

Thursday, 28th July 2016, 8:31 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:41 pm
Hayley Molesworth is an artist who is inviting Kenilworth residents to send in photos or memories to her, corresponding to all 365 days of the year. She the intends to create a painting for each day, based on what residents send her and will exhibit them all in May next year. Pictured: Hayley Molesworth. NNL-160726-233326009

Hayley Molesworth, of Glendale Avenue, came up with the project known as ‘365 Black ‘n’ White’ as a way of encouraging her to get back into painting after having her three sons.

She would like people to send her memories or topics relating to a particular date in the year, and she will then create an individual painting based on what has been suggested.

All the paintings will be the same size, 75 by 85 mm, and will be created using the same methods and in the same style - a black and white, monotype oil painting.

One of Hayley's paintings, depicting children enjoying a water fight

Once the project is finished, Hayley will have created 365 different paintings, each corresponding with one day of the year.

Hayley said: “I stopped painting when I had my children, so I wanted to get back into it.

“I came up with the project as kind of like a challenge to get me to paint every day.

“But instead of me just painting random images each day, these paintings will mean something to somebody. It’s also a way getting new customers as well.

Another painting of Hayley's

“At the end of the day, everyone will be able to relate to something I’ve painted in the collection.”

Hayley began work on the project in May 2016, and her work will culminate with an exhibition at The Gallery in Kenilworth in May 2017 where all 365 paintings will be displayed.

The collection will also be available in a book once the project is completed, which should come out either in June or July 2017.

As of Friday July 29, Hayley has completed 76 individual paintings since the project began.

One of Hayley's paintings, depicting children enjoying a water fight

Subjects in her paintings so far have included Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, a depiction of a water fight to reflect a hot day and Kenilworth rugby players competing in a match.

She will be showing off her techniques for creating the paintings at a demonstration in The Gallery on Monday August 1.

It starts at 7pm and will be an informal, social event with music and drinks.

Anyone who would like to have their ideas painted by Hayley as part of the collection should visit to book a date using the online calendar.

Another painting of Hayley's

Alternatively, people can visit the project’s Facebook page by searching for ‘365blacknwhite’ or her Instagram page at