HS2 could bring more traffic than first feared to Kenilworth


Revisions to HS2 plans could bring even more traffic to Kenilworth than originally thought, according to Kenilworth Town Council (KTC) and Warwickshire County Council (WCC).

In the revisions, which consist of ‘Amendment of Provisions 4’ (AP4) and ‘Supplementary Environmental Statement 3’ (SES3), traffic generated by HS2’s construction will be diverted through the A46 Stoneleigh Road junction, and construction traffic will be able to use Ashow Road, a common route for cyclists.

WCC voiced its own objection to the plans after officers considered the revisions to be ‘unacceptable’. KTC also sent its own petition to the Select Committee, voicing its support for WCC’s original petition.

KTC’s petition questioned the reliability of the traffic data obtained by the Government, as surveys were undertaken when roadworks were taking place near Warwick University and at Toll Bar End.

In response to the petition, the Select Committee challenged the legal standing of KTC to submit it, something that is “not particularly surprising” according to town councillor George Illingworth (Con, Abbey).

He said: “The select committee has been concerned about repetitive petitions where the subject is dealt with by the relevant local authority and here we were really only supporting WCC on traffic matters which are their concern.

“HS2 have been challenging parish councils and other groups along the line on AP4 so we are not alone.”

Cllr Illingworth also questioned the tone of the Select Committee’s letter, believing it to have not viewed the town council as an elected group that represents the views of Kenilworth’s townspeople.

He said: “The letter sent on behalf of HS2 is phrased as though we were a residents’ association rather than an elected tier of local government.

“I have discussed with the officers whether they should reply querying whether we have been sent the correct letter and documentation, and whether the appropriate decision therefore has been made.”