HS2 coming to Kenilworth in April

HS2 will make its presence felt in Kenilworth as early as next month, it has been revealed.

Friday, 3rd March 2017, 10:27 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:42 am

The Bill authorising it has now become an Act of Parliament after it recently received Royal Assent - the formal seal of approval from the Queen. This means work to build the line can now start.

And now the green light has been given, HS2 confirmed it was heading into Kenilworth to start preliminary work in April and July.

In a letter sent to both Kenilworth Town Council and Warwick District Council, the company responsible for building the line, HS2 Ltd, said land in Dalehouse Lane will have to be accessed during those months to undertake ‘vegetation and environmental mitigation works’.

A spokesman for HS2 Ltd said: “This is part of our work to manage the environmental impact of building a railway.

“The project includes tree-planting and creating new habitats for displaced wildlife including great-crested newts.

“It’s being carried out on privately-owned farmland starting from April 2017 and public disruption will be very minimal. We have been engaging with the landowners for a period of time.”

The Bill becoming an Act marks the end of a process which started seven years ago, when the Government first announced the planned route of HS2 from Birmingham to London. The line will cut straight through Burton Green, and will likely create a lot of disruption in Kenilworth due to construction traffic. Villages like Cubbington and Offchurch will also be seriously affected.

Speaking on behalf of the district council, Cllr George Illingworth (Con, Abbey), said: “The council’s role now is to work with HS2 Ltd to minimise the disruption to our district and ensure that our residents and businesses can continue with their everyday lives during the construction period.

“We will also continue to support our residents, particularly those who are most affected.”

Major work is set to start in 2018, and it is thought the line will be finished in 2026.