Here are your nominations for the Warwick district's snow heroes

It is often the case that severe weather brings out the best in many people in our district.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 3:48 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd March 2018, 3:49 pm
Many people have been helping other get out of the snow. Pictured here are the team from British Military Fitness showing how it should be done in Warwick during last years' snowfall.

While it seems that other parts of the country took the brunt of the heavy snow, there were still areas of the Warwick district that were badly affected.

So we out out a post earlier today for people to nominate their ‘snow heroes’ via email or Facebook.

The most nominations came in for Nathan Green of Green2Go taxis -and he is today’s worthy winner.

He put out a post reading:

“Any OAPS who have Drs or hospital appointments in Warwick today just give me a call and I will drop you and return you for free. Please share to spread the word!! 07583801459”

While he was too modest for an interview, he was very thankful for everyone’s appreciation. One woman even praised him on BBC Radio Five Live for the whole nation to hear! Well done, Nathan.

Many others nominated the emergency services who have done an amazing job today. We asked Warwick Hospital for stories as we expect staff made very long journeys (or even slept at the hospital overnight) to make sure patients got the right care. They said they would get back to us next week with more information.

In other nominations, Richard Lowery said: “Clive at Heathcote Primary School. He did a cracking job clearing the footpaths near the school.”

And Charlotte Wright wanted to praise David Nicol from Bishops Itchington. She said: “He has spent the past few days supporting the village residents in towing cars, offering shopping support to residents, collecting prescriptions from local doctors.

“I was to scared to venture out to attend a doctors appointment this morning, I don’t know David at all but he offered via Facebook community page to drive me over from Bishops to Harbury in the awful road conditions. I took David up on his offer and he was so kind! So lovely to know there are such kind people out there!

“This guy doesn’t want any recognition for his efforts won’t accept any money for his generous help and is doing it all out the goodness of his heart!”

John Payton of Woodloes, Warwick, wanted to thank everyone who helped him when his car broke down in sub zero temperatures near the entrance to Warwick Racecourse.

He said: “I am nearly 72 years of age, and despite the freezing conditions something like half a dozen people stopped to ask if they could help (including a young mother with a baby) and eventually two gentlemen (one from Essex and the other apparently Scottish) armed with jump leads eventually got my car going again (unfortunately only for it to break down yet again just up the road, necessitating a tow to the nearest garage - thanks for that being due to my friend Daz!).

“Thanks are also due to members of St Paul’s church in Friar St who provided me with hot coffee to get warm again and of a lift home to get my list of emergency phone numbers

“Oh, and for those with any mechanical knowledge, it wasn’t the battery (as I first thought) but the alternator that had packed up.”

Thank you for all your emails - please keep them coming to [email protected] and we will try and get them printed in next Friday’s paper.