Hearty donation after mum’s care

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  • The Raine family have donated £2,000 to Warwick Hospital in memory of mum, Val
  • Val was cared for by “amazing staff” across several units for many years
  • The money will help care for other patients and families

Memories of a beloved mum and wife have been honoured by a Kenilworth family who have made donations to the nurses who helped in her final months.

Geoff Raine and his daughters Sarah and Alison have handed £1,000 to Warwick Hospital’s intensive treatment unit and another £1,000 to the Aylesford Unit on the Larkin Road site in memory of Valerie Raine.

Nothing was too much trouble for them and their care for their patients and relatives was outstanding.

Geoff Raine

They hope to not only say thank you to all the “amazing” staff who helped when Valerie was being cared for during her illness, but also to help make things easier for others in the same situation.

Valerie Raine passed away in 2014 aged 72 following a ongoing battle with cancer.

The popular and loved grandmother was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia in 2003 and initially treated as an outpatient by the consultant haematologists.

As the disease progressed it became necessary for her to have regular blood transfusions at the Aylesford Unit - meaning the family spent a lot of time in both centres.

Geoff explained that because his wife needed longer transfusions on a frequent basis she spent more time at the unit and the kindness and caring shown by the staff was noticed by Geoff.

Their kindness was not forgotten, even when in February last year complications set in which meant Val was admitted to Willoughby ward.

Following two major operations she was then transferred to the treatment unit where she eventually died - leaving behind her family who wanted to make sure all the care she had received did not go unnoticed.

Speaking about the care his wife received, Geoff said: “I watched the way the staff in both units carry out what can be a difficult but no doubt very rewarding job.

“Nothing was too much trouble for them and their care for their patients and relatives was outstanding.”

Geoff and his daughter Sarah are pictured above handing over the latest donation to Aylesford Unit manager Carole Connor and Clinical Sister Katie Francis to say thank you.

Welcoming the donation, Ali Gray from the Trust, said they were delighted to be in the family’s thoughts and hope that the money will be used to help others during treatment.

Ali said: “On behalf of the Trust I would like to thank Geoff and the rest of the Raine family for donating funds to two units that both do amazing work. Patients and relatives in the units can be going through really difficult times meaning donations like these are vital. This is because the funds can be used to help create environments that are more comfortable and make things a little easier.”