Rallying call for residents to join fight against Barford quarry plans

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A rallying call has gone up across villages to fight plans to build a quarry in Barford whose potentially fatal pollution could seriously harm children and the elderly living nearby – according to a local GP.

Residents of Barford, where the sand and gravel quarry would be, are urging other parishes to join them in the fight against the quarry.

Barford GP Dr Malcom Eykyn said his main concern was for children at the village’s junior school. He said: “Dust from the quarry will contain silica, which can be extremely harmful to children, the elderly and those with chest conditions. In fact, silicosis can be fatal.

“In the United States and Canada there is legislation governing how near such a quarry can be to residential areas, stipulating distances far longer than this quarry will be from the village.

“The prevailing wind will carry the dust right over the village and I am especially concerned for the 170 children (aged between five and 11) at Barford St Peter’s Junior School.”

The 220-acre quarry would be more than twice the size of the village and residents are also concerned about the volume of traffic.

Local communities say it is not a question of being Nimby (not in my back yard) but of the health of the local population, road safety and devastation of farmland.

The consultataton for Warwickshire County Council’s Local Minerals Plan ends soon and those wanted to voice opinions have until December 12 to write to the council.

To comment on the plans download the Minerals Plan Publication Form by clicking here