Grandma calls for help after Kenilworth bag snatch

Police are asking for witnesses
Police are asking for witnesses

A distraught grandmother is asking for help after her handbag was snatched along with irreplaceable pictures of her newborn granddaughter.

Hazel Johnson was shopping in Talisman Square on Monday afternoon when she was distracted in Boots Opticians and the small cream bag was taken.

The 60-year-old from Coventry said despite the hassle and upset of losing £45 in cash and bank and credit cards, she has lost her phone which contains pictures of her granddaughter, and a diary filled with numbers and addresses.

She is now appealing for help getting the priceless pieces back if they are dumped by thieves.

“I was in Boots opticians and my handbag was taken from inside my shopping bag, I just cannot believe that anybody would do that right in front of you in broad daylight.

“Worst of all is that I have lost these items which are precious to me. They are worthless to anyone else and I just wish they had reached in and taken the money and left everything else.”

The small cream nylon shoulder bag contained her phone, a Samsung Galaxy in a bright pink faux leather case and her diary, which was bound by an elastic strap.

After alerting staff to the theft, CCTV footage was checked and police called.

Mrs Johnson is asking that if anyone finds any of the stolen items, they are handed to police, or staff in Boots.

She has also thanked “Jim and Jill” who came to her aid and stayed with her while she contacted banks, even offering to take her to their home so she was not on her own until her husband arrived.