GCSE results for schools in and around Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth 2018

Pupils at schools in and around our towns have been receiving the results for their GCSE exams this morning.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 1:59 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:14 pm

Warwick School is again celebrating fantastic GCSE results. For the first time in the school’s history, over half the grades (55%) were at A* or the equivalent in the new system (9-8). 78% of grades were awarded at A*-A (9-7) with 94% at A *B (9-6).

Eleven boys received a clean sweep of 10 A* grades: Thomas Allin, Thomas Bell, Maximilian Bottomley, Kieran Brooker, Jack Forsythe, Alexander Harrold, Nikhil Mistry, Hugo Ng, Noah Pollard, Alec Steeley, Peter Walker. A further 35 boys achieved A* or A grades across all their subjects.

Results were strong across a diverse range of subjects, with History, Design & Technology and the Sciences all scoring around 90% A*-A.

Twins Vanita and Vinita Vivekananthan, of King's High in Warwick, gained the highest possible grades (A*-As) in all of their GCSEs.

The new Head Master, Dr Deneal Smith, said, “This is another fantastic set of academic results for Warwick School and a testament to the hard work put in by the boys and their teachers. I am particularly pleased to see that this year group negotiated the new style GCSEs so well, and achieved such stunning grades. It should always be remembered that the boys manage to do this while maintaining the highest standards outside the classroom through their musical, artistic, dramatic and sporting endeavours which are just as important in developing the skills and character that will lead them to flourish both here and after school.”

At Aylesford School in Warwick, the standard pass rate (grade 4) for English was 71% and for maths 64%. 57% of the year achieved this in both subjects.

Headteacher Steve Hall said: “We are delighted to share the news that once again students of Aylesford School deserve great credit for their efforts in achieving their outcomes at GCSE and equivalent qualifications. Early indications suggest that their progress is in line with progress for students nationally. The average point score for the year group is 4.2 (this is an average of between a C and B grade in old money!).

“We are proud of all our students’ achievements.”

Kineton pupils Olivia Barritt, Annabelle Carter, Anna Cooper, Adam Pomeroy, Miles Isted, Simrun Mann and Anya Mann receive their GCSE results.

Notable performances from the following: Danny Bradbury (9, 3 7’s, 4 6’s, 5, Dist* P); Charlotte Clarke (A, 6 8’S, 2 7’S 5, Dist*); Michael Edwards (8, 7 7’s, 2 6’s, 5); Daisy Hill (9, 3 8’s, 2 7’s, 5 6’s); Poppy MacRae (9, 8, 4 7’s 4 6’s, 5); Owen Moorman (A, B, 8, 6 7’s, 5); Lily Owuye (A, 6 8’s, 4 7’s); Harriet Richardson (2 8’s, 4 7’s, 5 6’s); Adam Wyatt (9, 4 8’s, 2 7’s,3 6’s Dist *).

On the back of last week’s outstanding A-level results, North Leamington School said they are delighted with this year’s provisional GCSE results.

Under the new GCSE system the school said results indicate that students have continued to make strong progress this year, achieving a further improvement on a very strong set of results last year.

80% of students achieved grades 9-4 in English and in maths, with science achieving 79% 9 - 4.

The Kingsley School pupils Rebecca Winn, Olivia Griffiths, Rebecca Blake, Alicia Craven, Lily Constance celebrate their GCSE results.

Core subjects of English, maths and science also achieved over 26% in the top grades of 9-7.

There were a number of outstanding individual student performances including: John Alcock, Rufus Bloomfield, Hannah Castle, Paige Cooper, Alex di Giovanni, Elizabeth Harris, Emily Newsome, Harrison Snatt and Ruby Webb; all achieving an average of above grade 8 in 10 subjects. Two of these students also achieve a triple 9 in their maths, English language and English literature.

Headteacher Joy Mitchell said: “It has been yet another incredibly challenging year for both students and staff as they have grappled with the demands of the new GCSE regime. I’m however, delighted and very proud of what we have achieved during this turbulent time. Credit must go to both the staff and students for the way they have managed the changes and the commitment they have shown in striving to achieve the very best outcomes. I would also like to thank our parents and carers for their support in making this year such a success. I’m confident that our students will continue to be successful in the future and I wish them well.”

At Kenilworth School, 64% of students achieved a “strong pass” in both English and Maths and 85% achieved a “solid pass” in both subjects.

Headteacher Hayden Abbott: “We are thrilled for our GCSE students who have achieved excellent results in the new GCSE qualifications, graded 1-9 across most subjects. As it is the first year of these new qualifications we cannot reliably compare this year’s performance with that of previous years in which students achieved grades A*-G.

“There were some outstanding performances from several individuals with one student achieving 11 grade 9s, the highest possible grade in these new awards. Also of particular significance is the fact that 100% of students achieved a grade in at least five subjects which reflects the inclusive nature of Kenilworth School. Overall our results show that students from Kenilworth have made at least expected progress overall and in many cases have excelled in many subjects .

“I would like to congratulate all students for the hard work. Our young people are a real credit to the school and to the community.”

Southam College are delighted with the achievements of Year 11 students this year. 88% of students achieved a grade 4 in both English and maths, a 9% improvement on last year’s results. 59% of students achieved a grade 5 in both English and Maths, a 7% improvement on last year’s results.

Megan Browne, assistant headteacher said: “These are superb results and we would like to congratulate all of our students for their tremendous efforts, along with the staff and parents who have provided exceptional support. We are proud of each and every one of our students and wish them all the very best for the future.”

Particularly impressive results were achieved by: Maisie White 9 grade 9s and 1 A*; Molly Versey 7 grade 9s and 2 grade 8s; Luke Pike 4 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s, 1 grade 7 and an A; Daniel Gunthorpe 1 grade 9, 1 A* and 5 grade 8s.

Princethorpe College is once again celebrating excellent GCSE results. From a cohort of 154 pupils 43% of all entries were graded the coveted new 9, 8 or 7 grades (A* or A grades) and 39 of its Year 11 pupils achieved eight or more 9, 8, 7 or A* or A grades.

Many Princethorpe pupils achieved the new 9 grade with the best individual results achieved by Caitlin McBride who achieved nine 9s, two A*s and an A grade and Sophie Mitchell who achieved nine 9s and two A* grades.

Princethorpe pupils performed well in all the core subjects but the college is again delighted to receive its best ever English results with this year 64% of pupils achieving 9, 8 or 7 grades. Overall 92% of the grades pupils received were A*-C or 9-4 grades.

Given the rarity of the new 9 grade, and the new more demanding GCSE courses, Princethorpe’s pupils have really excelled themselves: the college also had 11 pupils achieve a grade 9 in and its scientists secured no less than 41 grade 9s.

Headmaster Ed Hester said: “I would like to congratulate all of our Year 11 pupils. I am delighted with the excellent results they have achieved across the board; it is a privilege to be amongst so many happy pupils this morning and marvellous to be able to celebrate such success. We are of course delighted with the exceptionally high number of top grades but are proud of all our pupils who have worked hard and done their very best. Whilst their results are important, this year group have also demonstrated many fine qualities worth celebrating, such as kindness, respect, determination and friendship.

“All credit goes to our pupils and staff for their commitment and hard work. The college goes from strength to strength and we look forward to welcoming the vast majority of this cohort back into our successful Sixth Form for the next stage of their education.”

King’s High’s GCSE pupils and their parents joined staff to celebrate their outstanding results.

73% achieved A* to A (9-7 on the numeric grading system); 51% achieved A* (9-8 on the numeric grading system); 99% achieved A*-C (9-4 on the numeric grading system).

In addition, a third of the year group achieved all As/7s or better; 10 girls achieved all A*/8 or better; 3 girls achieved all A*/9, the very top grades; 70% of girls in biology achieved A*, with over 87% A*-A; 80% of girls in chemistry achieved A*-A; 92% of girls in German achieved A*, with 100% A*-A; 85% of girls in music achieved levels 8/9.

Head Master Richard Nicholson said: “I congratulate our girls and our staff for the excellence which is demonstrated by these exceptional results. It is particularly impressive that the girls have achieved so highly at a time of so much change to the GCSE examinations.

“To have attained these results whilst excelling in their many and varied co-curricular pursuits demonstrates the depth and breadth of their expertise, all of which was recognised within the most recent ISI Inspection Report and also the glowing Good School guide we received in June 2018.

“Our girls can now look forward to beginning their Sixth Form years with a very solid foundation. They will be the first year group to have the tremendous benefit of the new sixth form centre, shared with Warwick School, as part of ‘Project One Campus’”.

Myton School said it is delighted to report that this year sees some of its best ever GCSE results.

76% of our Year 11 students were awarded a grade 4 or better in both English and maths and 54% gained a grade 5 and above in both subjects. Eight per cent of our students gained a coveted grade 9 in their English, and 7% achieved a grade 9 in their maths.

26% of all our students achieved five or more top grades and 18% achieved 8 or more (the equivalent of grades 7-9, A/A*s and distinction/distinction*). Top performers were Hannah Fardoe with 8 grade 9s and an A* and Sam Lubrano with 7 grade 9s and an A*. Special mention must also go to the following students who all achieved 10 or more top grades: Sam Barlow; Rebecca Clear; Jemma Cowan; Jake Crooks; Lauren Fardoe; Daya Gill; Humreen Khangura; Izzy Komarasinha; Daniel Maughan; Rhiannon Morgan; Laurie Owen-Ward; Saroop Sanghera; Hannah Senior; Rohan Sharma; Elisha Simmonds; Silas Taylor; Abbie Thacker

Sophia Wedgbury; Ella West.

Headteacher Andy Perry said: “These impressive results are thanks to the hard work and commitment of the students, the dedication of our staff and the support of our parents and carers. They should be very proud of their achievements. I wish them well in their next steps and am looking forward to welcoming many of them back into our Sixth Form in September.”

At Trinity Catholic School, the number of 9 grades has increased again across the school.

Eight percent of all grades awarded were at grade 9, with the photography department getting 20% awarded at that level, Physics 18%, History and Chemistry 15% and Fine Art 14%. Individual success stories were Vicky Moon and Ben Knight (7 grades at 9), Hannah Smith and Anthony Fox (6), Meg Brougham, Drew Sinnott, Esme Couldrick and Joe Miller (5).

The school’s provisional Attainment 8 score has increased by 4% on last year. 62% of students achieved L2 basics in English and Maths. An average of 77% of entries in Physics, Chemistry and Biology were between 9 and 5.

Principal Chris Gabbett said: “These are wonderful results for our community. It’s really pleasing to continue a journey of improvement at a time that is so difficult for Education. As much as I congratulate the students who achieved the highest grades, I am equally proud of those who worked just as hard to complete all exams and work towards their next destination. Well done; to them, their teachers and their parents.

“I am really pleased that so many students have chosen to continue their schooling at our Sixth Form.”

Year 11 pupils at Campion School have exceeded their GCSE targets and have made excellent progress in this year’s exam season. Pupils achieved a 100% English and mathematics pass rate, with more than 70% exceeding the new Level 4 in English, and over 60% exceeding the Level 4 in mathematics. The school is particularly pleased with the proportion of pupils achieving the highest levels of 8 and 9 in English and maths.

Headteacher Jassa Panesar said: “Last week, we saw our Year 13 pupils achieve excellent A level results and secure top university places. This week our Year 11 and Year 10 pupils have achieved very highly and we hope to build on their successes in the sixth form. Well done to all the pupils, parents and staff for rising up to the challenges of the new examinations.”

The Kingsley community is celebrating superb results in this year’s GCSE examinations, following on from a fantastic set of A-level results.

Over a third of students achieved 5 or more 7-9 (A-A* equivalent) grades, with 23% achieving level 8 and 9 grades, and 11% achieving the highly coveted level 9 grade, five times the national average set last year. Nearly 100% scored A*-C grades, and 100% of students achieved 5 grades level 9 – 4 (A*- C equivalent). Many girls far exceeded grade predictions based on their performance on entry to the school, demonstrating the excellent progress made by girls who have the benefit of the personalised teaching and support a small school can offer. Several girls exceeded predictions by more than 10 grades and one of the highest attainers in fact by 23 grades, at least 2 grades per subject.

Among the many individual success stories were: Olivia Griffiths, from Stratford-upon-Avon, who was awarded 6 level 9s, 2 level 8s and 2 level 7s. Molly Maher, from Stratford-upon-Avon, who was awarded 3 level 9s, 1 level 8, and 2 level 7s. Annie Harper Radley, from Leamington Spa, who was awarded 2 level 9s and 4 level 8s. Rebecca Winn, from Warwick, who has been juggling school work with an intensive national swimming training schedule, was awarded 2 level 9s and 3 level 8s, including maths and science. Helen Lavery, from Stratford-upon-Avon, who was awarded 1 level 9, 5 level 8s and 4 level 7s. Lily Constance, from Leamington Spa, who was awarded 6 levels 7 - 9. Jenna Morgan, from Wellesbourne, who was awarded 6 levels 7 – 9.

Head Teacher, Ms Heather Owens, says: “I am thrilled for all of our girls, who have done so well to achieve their individual bests with the first year of a more difficult examination process. I am particularly proud of the value added achieved by our girls, with many grades above estimations on entry, thanks to our strong partnership between students, staff and parents. Being able to see our girls flourish over their time here and gain results to be proud of is an absolute joy and I look forward to hearing more about their continued success in sixth form.”

Kineton High School students celebrated some outstanding results again this year. We are delighted to report that all our headline measures have improved on last year with an increased percentage gaining a good pass in English and Maths and a dramatic increase in the percentage of students achieving the highest grades 7-9. The percentage gaining a Grade 7 -9 in both English and Maths has doubled this year. We are very proud of all our students and the progress they have made at Kineton and it has been a real pleasure watching them grow as young people and today be with them as they received the fruits of their efforts. We are looking forward to welcoming significantly more students back into our Sixth Form and would like to wish all those students moving on to other opportunities the very best. Some notable results include Miles Leonard who was delighted with his 6 Grade 9’s and 6 Grades 7&8, Ellie Moll who achieved 5 Grade 9’s , 3 A* and 3 Grade 8’s and Leo Aston who achieved Grades 7-9 in all his subject.