Fundraisers meet homeless and abused girls they are helping in Bangledesh

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Three fundraisers who travelled 3,000km across India in a three-wheeled rickshaw have met the homeless and abused girls they are helping.

Rugby estate agent Sean Newman navigated dangerous roads and soaring temperatures with son Tyler and team-mate Philip Miller for the challenge.

The trio dressed as Teletubbies and are on target to raise £30,000 for girls and women in Bangledesh.

Sean, director of Fine & Country Warwickshire & West Midlands, said: “It was fantastic to meet some of the girls we are raising money for.

“There are five Happy Homes, with 30 girls in each house. They are aged between six and 18 and were either homeless and living on the street or have been victims of violent or sexual abuse - sometimes all three.”

He said meeting the girls was a humbling experience.

Sean added: “We were made to feel very welcome and greeted with smiles and waves from the girls.

“Some couldn’t speak English but the ones that could translated for or helped the ones that couldn’t. They were all very friendly and lovely to talk to.”

There are no beds in the homes and they all sleep on the floor.

“The girls were so positive, outgoing and confident it was hard to believe they had experienced some horrible and traumatic backgrounds. Happy Homes has made an amazing difference to these girls lives and it was clear to see the positive effect.”

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