Four-year-old boy gets black eye after teenagers pelt him with apples in Whitnash park

Corey Chesterton, four, after the attack
Corey Chesterton, four, after the attack

A four-year-old boy has suffered a black eye after four teenagers threw apples at him in a Whitnash park this week.

Corey Chesterton was playing in Washbourne Park at around 6pm on Tuesday July 25 with his older cousins and his sister when the four teenagers turned on them.



They began throwing apples at the group, one of which caught Corey in the face and caused a black eye.

He ran back in tears with his relatives to his mother, Kirsty, who was making dinner at her sister’s house at the time just behind the park.

She said: “We heard him screaming. He said he was hit in the face with an apple. I was so angry.

“I ran straight to the park but the teenagers had gone. They didn’t even check if he was OK - they just ran.

“He’s lucky, he might’ve broken an eye socket.”

Kirsty posted photos of her son’s injuries on Facebook in an effort to catch the teenagers. She said she knew she ‘would get some stick’, but still wanted to show the extent of Corey’s injuries.

While many of the comments were supportive, a handful criticised her for letting Corey out with his relatives unsupervised.

She also received a call from Social Services saying she should not have let him go to the park without her.

Kirsty said she trusted her children and their cousins completely, but admitted she may have made a mistake in letting them play out on their own.

She said: “I’ve learnt my lesson as a parent. It’s the summer holidays, so it’s easy to say ‘oh, just go out and play.’ That’s my biggest regret.”

Warwickshire Police are now appealing for witnesses to the incident. Anyone who saw anything should call 101, quoting incident number 341 of July 25.