Firefighters rescue woman who drove through ford in Ettington

Flooded ford rescue in Ettington
Flooded ford rescue in Ettington

Firefighters with Warwickshire Fire and Rescue rescued a woman who drove through a ford in Ettington today (Friday December 20).

Firefighters have attended and rescued the lady.

Authorities have strongly encouraged people not to drive through flooded roadways.

A fire and rescue spokesperson said: "Please do not ignore ford flooding signs they are there for a reason.

"Driving through flood water is not only dangerous for you and anyone else who comes to rescue you, but it could potentially write off your vehicle.

"Warwickshire Fire and Rescue would urge our community to follow advice provided and acknowledge weather warnings. If travel is required please proceed with caution and ensure that routes involving any water, especially fords or low-lying areas, are avoided.

Fire news

Fire news

"Most vehicles are not designed to travel through water and as such will stall if it enters the air filters or engine bay.

"To ensure you do not get stranded Warwickshire Fire and Rescue would always advice avoiding entering water in your car.

"Warwickshire's fire engines need to be available to respond to emergency calls and as such if we can avoid committing our crews to preventable incidents it would be to the benefit of the wider community. Thank you for helping us to help you."