Family says farewell to its postal past

Natwarlal Kanani and his wife Kiran with their son Neel
Natwarlal Kanani and his wife Kiran with their son Neel

A long-serving business family has thanked loyal customers after serving the last stamps and waving goodbye to post office life for the last time.

Natwarlal Kanani and his wife Kiran - along with help from their son Neel - have run the Oaks Precinct Post Office since 1983.

And waving farewell to the business this week, Mr Kanani said he could not have made it this long without the people of Kenilworth.

“We want to take this opportunity to thank those who have supported us,” he said.

“What fitting way to retire from the business we have loved and cherished for so long than to thank the community for their custom, and for being such a friendly and loving part of our lives.

“Their loyalty and support has been amazing and although we have kept a great level of professionalism, we regard them as our close friends and will indeed keep in touch with as many as possible.”

A new Post Office has relocated to Roseland Road and is now open for customers.

The Oaks Precinct space has been taken up by Town and Country Furniture which will run a part time showroom on the site.