Donations for refugees taken to Calais

Seringa Dudley, Caroline Mara and Bob Dudley
Seringa Dudley, Caroline Mara and Bob Dudley

Items donated by Kenilworth residents to help refugees in Calais are on their way to the French town.

Volunteers from St John’s Church and Kenilworth School sorted the many donations into boxes donated by Kenilworth business Pack Smart Ltd.

A van was filled and driven down to CalAid’s major collection centre in Slough for onward transmission to Calais.

Remaining items will be sorted soon and taken to CalAid in October.

In a letter, organisers Richard Dickson and Caroline Mara expressed their thanks to everyone who helped sort the items, the residents who donated garage space to store some of the donations, and the Kenilworth Centre for receiving donations in the first place.