Departing Kenilworth dementia nurse praised by residents

Louise Gillard-Owen will be leaving her role as an Admiral Nurse in February 2019 unless more funding can be found
Louise Gillard-Owen will be leaving her role as an Admiral Nurse in February 2019 unless more funding can be found

More people affected by the coming departure of Kenilworth’s dementia nurse have spoken out in support of what she did for them.

Louise Gillard-Owen, an Admiral Nurse, will leave her role in February 2019 unless a new source of funding for her services is found.

She would provide help and support to carers and relatives of people with dementia in Kenilworth and its surrounding villages.

And following the news, Louise has been praised by plenty of people who her services have helped.

Barbara Drew, of Crewe Lane, had to look after her husband 24 hours a day before Louise arrived in Kenilworth.

She said: "The skilful way she gave her emotional and practical support is beyond words. I was given practical advice and told who to contact for help. I was made aware of services I did not know existed.

"The value of emotional support must not be underestimated in helping carers whose lives have been turned upside down with a feeling of helplessness which never goes away.

"Without this help, my husband would have had to go into care, and I am sure I would have needed medical care for some considerable time, costing the authorities far more than Louise's salary."

And 85-year-old Kathleen Goodwin, of Laburnum Avenue, has cared for her husband George for three-and-a-half years after he developed vascular dementia.

Kathleen is a trained nurse, but did not have experience in dealing with dementia patients.

She said: “It’s very sad that there’s no funding coming forward.

“Louise was just someone to talk to. It’s so easy when she was in Kenilworth, you could ring her to talk and make an appointment. She could just help you make sure you were doing the right thing.

“The population’s getting older and people are living longer, so her service is very valuable.”

Louise’s work had been funded by the Waverley Day Centre in partnership with charity Dementia UK from February 2016 to January 2018, with the hope that another organisation could fund her services permanently.

And although more funding was provided for her by groups such as Kenilworth Lions, she will leave her role in February 2019 if nothing changes.