Daniel named as next Tory MEP


A Kenilworth cricketer will help to champion politics in the midlands after taking up a seat as the latest MEP in Brussels.

Daniel Dalton has taken his seat as the new Conservative members of the European Parliament.

Representing the West Midlands, the former Warwickshire cricketer was appointed following the death of politician Philip Bradbourn last month.

Mr Dalton has spent most of his life in Warwickshire, attending Arnold Lodge and Warwick Schools.

He played professional cricket for Warwickshire CCC and club cricket for Leamington.

He also ran a cricket coaching company in the region and is a graduate of Coventry University and the University of Warwick.

Taking up the new role Mr Dalton said:“It is a great honour to represent this diverse and entrepreneurial area of nearly six million people in the European Parliament.

“But I would prefer to be elected under much happier circumstances.

“Philip Bradbourn always used to say that his job was to represent the West Midlands in Europe and not Europe in the West Midlands and that will be my aim.”

“I aim to champion the West Midlands over the next five years and to be part of reforming Britain’s relationship with the EU, helping to ensure the common market works for us and that we can bring substantial powers back to Westminster.”

European elections take votes for a party not an individual, and any vacancies are filled by the next person the that Party’s list.