Warning issued to Kenilworth residents about telephone scam

A warning has been issued to residents in Kenilworth about a telephone scam.

Kenilworth Neighbourhood Watch have issued the warning after residents received calls that have been described as a 'security company scam'.

A warning has been issued to resident.

A warning has been issued to resident.

The Neighbourhood Watch said that caller says that they are from a security company and may state that they are endorsed by Warwickshire Police and/or West Midlands Police.

They then try to make an appointment with the householder to review security at the property.

A spokesperson from Kenilworth Neighbourhood Watch said: "Householders are advised that Warwickshire Police, in common with all other police forces, do not endorse any companies, including so-called security companies.

"It is believed these calls are a scam and householders are advised not to provide any personal details or agree to any appointments. Simply end the telephone call.

"If you know or care for anyone who may live on their own and/or may be vulnerable please make sure they are advised and check if they have received any such calls.

"Anyone with any concerns should contact Warwickshire Police on 101."